We are for Us

Often our CUETian-non CUETian brothers and sisters or their well-wishers need help in any critical moment. In addition, our CUETians collect funds in various ways to help people of all walks of life in any part of the country. Which we have been seeing as always. This time we want to do each of those things together. We want to stand united in every campaign. Introducing CUETIANS.COM for that purpose.  CUETians, CUETians’ families or non-CUETians can open any kind of campaign to stand by them in any critical moment. In order to open a campaign, you must specify the details of the campaign, the target amount and the deadline. Any CUETian-non CUETian can donate there by bank account, bKash, Rocket, Nogod or credit card. The percentage of campaign fund donations received will always be visible. You can withdraw money when the fund expires or when the target is met. You can buy and sell any product for the purpose of any campaign or to donate a percentage to the campaign. When your campaign is complete, be sure to provide feedback that will show up on our homepage. If any CUETian wants, he can join as a volunteer of CUETians and work in human service through the campaign. In addition, a list of CUETian blood or plasma donors has been added to our Support page. So that we can stand by each other in case of emergency. Not only the CUETians, but the CUETians in unison continue to stand by all classes of people and try their best to put a smile on their faces. We believe that this progress will continue in the future. The CUETians will stand by the CUETians. The organization’s journey is called “CUETIANS.COM” with the goal of educating the past and setting the best example of humanity in the future. We believe that not only alumni but all current and future CUETians will continue this unbreakable bond.